Saturday, February 4, 2012


andrew had 2 exciting milestones...



He lost his tooth while on a school field trip to the monuments in DC. He said the bus was late, so they had to sit around and wait for an hour. To make the time go faster, he decided to keep wiggling his tooth the whole time...well, until it fell out, that is! He was able to bring it home and leave it for the tooth fairy, who left him a certificate, $5 and a Pirates of the Caribbean toy! We went out for ice cream to celebrate :)


WOW! I can't believe my first born is now 7!!!! Everyone says time will fly when you have kids, and I am starting to realize this more and more every day! Andrew decided he wanted to have a "Not-So-Sleepover" party. It would include all the "pre-sleepover" activities, but we would send the kids home to sleep :)
Everyone had fun and Andrew said it was the BEST birthday ever (do you think he'll say that every year?)!

freeze dance

movie time

I love watching Andrew grow up! His mind is always moving, and come to think of it, so is his body! He has always craved knowledge and that has not slowed down. Andrew is now reading chapter books on his own and loving it! He stays up late every night to read. As a reader myself, I just love it!!! He loves everything LEGO, just like his daddy and has gotten better at building his own creations and not just the "sets." I can't wait to see what S-E-V-E-N has in store for Andrew! Love you bud!

girls just wanna have fun...

our annual kornfeld girl's weekend brought the 6 of us back to the jersey shore once again. as always, we had a GREAT time relaxing and spending time together.

We all enjoyed some pampering at Shear Heaven Day Spa...

mom and aunt judy

cousins...leigh, lisa, staci & me

and of course, we ate great food...

the kornfeld super six!

and drank great (well, good!) wine!

let the games begin!

sisters and BEST FRIENDS!

We pampered ourselves at the house too with Rodan+Fields facials...

me and staci looking gorgeous!

judy trying out the AMP roller!

i consider myself totally blessed to have such a close relationship with the women in my life. they are not only my family, but my best friends!

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