Friday, February 4, 2011

wosetta stone


we all can't wait for the day our little one starts talking. honestly though, conversing with a 2 year old can be quite challenging at times. take these most recent "jacobisms" for example...

chapub: jacob
lollifin: vitamin
twib: crib
hee hee: andrew
adwew: andrew
wooby: ruby (his friend at school)
omputa: computer (keep in mind that he is usually referring to the dvd player though!)
see, no: actually, no

other things that may be helpful to know if you plan on spending more than 5 minutes with chapub....

funny cow movie: baby einstein on the farm
la la music: elmo music
i can't see it: i can't hear it...(ie. make it louder)
i listen yee haw: i want to listen to she'll be comin' round the mountain

words that you will understand immediately....and might even be surprised to hear coming out of a 2 year old's mouth...

what the heck???
i play you iphone?
come on alweady!

what does your toddler say that cracks you up???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bowl-a-rama baby....

i recently took the boys bowling and it was a blast! while i thought the best part was jacob's cute little bowling shoes (which btw i want to buy him a pair for every day wear!)....andrew will tell you that the best part, was that he won! yes...he did have a "bumper" advantage, but i must say, i think he would've kicked my butt even without the bumpers!

i was psyched to see this offer for AMF bowling when it came to my inbox....(and you know how i like to share!)....

$20 off coupon for 4 or more people....

helloooooo people....grab your family, friends, co-workers, a stranger off the street (well, that's probably not a great idea!) and head to an AMF bowling near you!

for those of you in the NoVA area...there are locations in alexandria, annandale, woodbridge and centreville!

hey, here's an idea...print the coupon and save it for the next time school is cancelled all because it MIGHT snow later that day :) :) :) can you tell i'm bitter?!?!'s to your next STRIKE!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

check it out....i'm on someone else's blog!!!

can you tell i'm just a tad bit excited?!?!?! i LOVE writing and am honored to have my words on a blog other than my own :)

enjoy and let me know your feedback....

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