Monday, January 25, 2010

junk it 2010...the playroom

after a week in the kitchen, junk it 2010 has spent the week in the playroom...if that's what you can even call it. for those of you who haven't been to our house, what would be the eat in dining area or sitting room, serves as our playroom. the room contains 3 storage areas...a toy box, a dresser unit and a 9 hole storage cube. these storage spaces are FILLED with train tracks, lincoln logs, puzzles, games, balls, indoor sports equipment, stuffed animals, books, and MANY, MANY, MANY vehicles!!! while we try to keep the area organized (a bucket for each "type" of toy), there just isn't enough space to contain it all. toys end up underneath the dresser, on top of the storage units, and tucked away behind the toy box...not to mention, ALL OVER THE FLOOR! goal for the room was to weed out the toys that are no longer being used (such as baby toys, broken toys, ripped books, etc) and have EVERYTHING put away...ALL TOYS MUST BE OUT OF SIGHT UNLESS BEING PLAYED WITH!

while i forgot to take a "before" picture, i PROMISE you, IT WAS BAD! over the course of this week, i managed to load up 3 large bags, a diaper box and a toy box with items to be donated.

when i explained to andrew what i was doing, he questioned which toys i was putting in "the bags!" i explained to him that it would only be toys they no longer play with or toys that they have more than one of. he said "oh, you mean like the camper legos? we have 2 of that set. i think we should give that to someone who doesn't have toys." i was so very proud of him...however, i don't foresee the camper legos making it into "the bag", seeing as one set belongs to andrew and the 2nd set is derek's...i don't think either of them will be parting with them anytime soon. andrew did help me go through the toys and books, for which i was very proud of him!

as you can see, some progress has been made, but even with ALL of the toys i eliminated from the playroom, there is still work to be done. there are STILL toys on top of the storage bins, under the dresser AND behind the toy box. i figured it would take longer than one week to dejunk this room, so i'm not disappointed. i will continue to work on the playroom for another week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

riding the auto train

check out the train track configuration that derek made today (with a little bit of help from andrew)!

and here's andrew in the "driver's seat"

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