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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what a "at play"

today marked the final day of andrew's 15 day winter break from school. yes, you heard me...15 days! the 2 weeks actually seemed to go by much faster than i had anticipated, with half of it being spent in st louis. while i complained a lot over the past 2 weeks that andrew would not be returning to school on monday along with the rest of the world, i must admit, it was kind of nice to have the 2 extra days of lazying around in the morning. tomorrow will be a rude awakening for all of us!

anyway...the point of my post tonight, is not to gripe about andrew's school calendar, but rather to tell you about the super fun day we had today at At Play Cafe in reston. since this was our first visit to at play cafe, i wasn't quite sure what to expect. a mom of one of andrew's classmates emailed me to see if we wanted to meet there and after looking at the website, i said sure. after all, just a snippet from their home page is quite appealing to any stay at home mom...especially on the 15th day of winter break...

Have you ever imagined a place where ...
~ you and a friend can have a conversation over lunch while our staff plays with your children nearby?

boy am i glad we went! andrew and his friend had an absolute blast!!! the staff was extremely friendly to both children and adults. the facility was very clean and provided a great layout for the kids to have fun with their moms close by, but not right in the action. the play area included a variety of different activities, including dress-up (and not just princesses!), a kitchen, climbing equipment, a slide and much more! a second room had play mats lining the floor, balls aplenty, a basketball hoop and ride-on toys. there was also a story time, which was included with our admission. speaking of admission, it is only $8 per child...what a bargain!!! the food was also a great deal...and quite tasty too! adults (and kids, i suppose) can enjoy a wonderful lunch for under $6. kid's meals include a 1/2 sandwich, side of applesauce and a drink all for only $3! as a money conscious mama, i was thrilled by these prices! oh, and they also offer a variety of classes. check it out on their website!

before leaving, i spoke briefly with one of the owners and she mentioned that they may be opening additional locations. hopefully one will be a bit closer to alexandria, but if not, i would most definitely travel to reston to visit at play cafe again! anyone up for lunch???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

iLost i know if i'm going to be blogging right now, it should be about our trip to st that post is WAY overdue. but...i'm too tired to do all's 9:25pm and i promised myself i'd be in bed by 10 tonight. i had to post tonight though to let you know that i am lost! today, while shopping at target i realized i didn't have my iphone...i figured i left it in the car, but when i returned to the car and it wasn't there...i quickly became sick to my stomach. i came home and searched...called it...texted, etc! NO PHONE!!!

i have decided the following must have a rush to run my errands, i did not place the phone in my purse, but rather just held it. i placed it on my lap in the car. when i got to target, i forgot it was on my lap and it fell out of my lap when i got out of the car. someone picked it up and is now trying to sell it as "new" on craigslist!

i have no idea whether or not this is actually what happened, but it makes me feel better to have a story!
so...i am phoneless!

btw...derek just searched posts on craigslist and is now heading to target...yes, it's after 9pm and they're closed...but hey, maybe he'll get lucky and find it in the parking lot!

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