Wednesday, October 5, 2011

that's what he said....another edition....

lately jacob seems to say the FUNNIEST things....and most of the time, they're so funny because they don't make any sense AT ALL...but he says these things SO SERIOUSLY!!!

jacob set up a picnic blanket and then invited us to dine with him. he then got a very disappointed and serious look on his face, and said "if you spill, i not play with you in the rain!" (ok...whaaaat?!?!?)

jacob loves our next door neighbor "miss jenna"...jenna's twin sister, rachel was visiting recently. jacob was outside, along with jenna, rachel, derek and others. jacob said, "look daddy, there's two miss jennas!"

many of you may know the lyrics...."bye bye miss american pie"....but do you know jacob's version...."bye bye mystery guy"

in car after school...
me: i'd love to know what you did for art today
j: we do'd leaves
me: did you paint them?
j: yes. there was red and blue paint
me: were you making them for the sukkah?
j: no
me: they're not for sukkot? (knowing that they are!)
j: NO! sukkot is a dog mommy!

and then there was the best of all....when J fell asleep at rosh hashanah services!


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