Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've thinned out...

...well, at least my cervix has :)

Report from the 38 week doc appointment...I'm now 75% effaced. A little education, for those of you who may not know (aka, my single friends or those w/o child) means that my cervix has thinned out even more, which is necessary to move forward toward childbirth. For more graphic details, simply google "effacement of cervix" and click on "images"'ll find more than you ever wanted to know about childbirth!

I am still just 1cm dialated, but that was somewhat expected. Not that one pregnancy is any indication of another, but with Andrew, I remained 1cm until just days before giving birth, when I progressed to 2cm.

So, while I have a feeling it will be quite a while before I myself "thin out", at least I know that some part of my body is progressing in that direction. Wouldn't it be great if the thinning out process starts with my cervix, and then immediately following childbirth, makes its way to my stomach, and then moves right on up to my chest. That would be fantastic, but something tells me it's not likely to happen that way! I can honestly say, I am not looking forward to having boobs the size of hams! Guess that's one of the small (well, big!) prices we pay, to bring a beautiful baby into the world.

The doc estimated the baby's current weight to be somewhere between 7-7 1/2 pounds. Keep in mind this little nugget still has the potential to gain half a pound each week he/she decides to remain inside my waterworld. So, if I go full term (2 more weeks), it could possibly be a 8-8 1/2 pound baby. Side note...Andrew was 8lbs 6 oz, born at 40 weeks and 4 days.

Here's an idea of what the baby looks like now. If you ask me, I think she looks just like her mommy ;). No, that's not an indication that we found out the sex...just my own premonition.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apparently, I'm not alone

My sister-in-law told me I would be addicted to facebook, and as you already know, she was right. Go ahead Jodi...this is where you get to say "I told you so!" Jodi just sent me the link below...

Hey, at least I know I'm not fighting this addiction on my own!

Monday, June 9, 2008

let's FACE it...

I must admit I never thought I'd start a blog...and I DEFINITELY never thought I'd join the world of Facebook! However, in the span of a weekend, I did both!

I've got to say, Facebook ROCKS! Thanks to Carrie Roth for getting me to sign on. I'll be calling you soon to find out what type of support groups exist for Facebook addicts...maybe FA...well, that wouldn't work because I have quickly learned there is nothing anonymous about facebook! I am just blown away by the number of people I am reconnecting with through this online social network. I'm chatting with sorority sisters, high school friends, camp peeps (including my own campers!), and so much more. I'm also finding pictures that I definitely forgot existed...and some that should've been burned years ago!

"gotta love that bikini top and those stuff!"

Perhaps I am just experiencing facebook virginity...but I have a feeling I'll still feel this excitement once the novelty wears off.

Could it be any hotter???

It is not even 10:30 in the morning, and says that it feels like 94degrees outside (actual temp is a cool 88!)...WHEW! Andrew and I were supposed to meet some friends at their pool, but plans were cancelled. So, we're trying to stay cool in the AC instead.

I decided that this baby inside me is smarter than we all think. As you all know, he/she has been trying to nudge its way into this world for quite some time now and has given us a few "close calls" when we thought he/she might arrive. I've been calling it "ironic" that since the doc gave us the ok last week, this baby has decided to play it pretty quiet. Well, I now realize that it is not irony...he/she is just smart and has realized that the air conditioned water world he/she is living in now, has GOT to be better than the heat we're feeling here on the outside world!

I've also decided that ants are pretty smart little bugs. Why, you ask? Well, they too, have realized that it's much nicer in the AC, than braving the outdoor elements. Trust me...we've been killing enough of them to know!!! Well, I guess they're not THAT smart, if they walk right into the trap :) We set up ant traps over the weekend and it was sick, just sick, how many ants came out of the woodwork (literally!). Next on my list of today's to-do' an exterminator!
I've posted some pics below from the weekend...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week in review

Now that you have an idea of what happened with the Banocy family in May...let's move on to June...well, the first week that is!

Since the doc had me on bedrest the beginning of the week, we received a lot of help from Nanny, Papa and many friends. THANK YOU ALL! Nanny spent the night at our house on Sunday, and took Andrew to camp Monday morning. After dropping him off, she ran a few errands for me (what a great mom!) and then returned to our house to clean, do laundry and wait on me :) After camp, she took Andrew back to Reston for a sleepover...and some spoiling! Not only did Andrew get a fancy new Mater truck (from CARS movie)...he also got ice cream and a sweet new pair of Crocs (his first pair!).

My mom came with me to the doc on Tuesday and got to hear the baby's heartbeat along with the great news that I could resume normal activity. I guess maybe we shouldn't have then proceeded to walk around Target for an hour, have lunch, go to the toy store & post office. Apparently, the baby didn't appreciate that leap back into the action and he/she let me know, by giving me contractions on Wednesday morning...starting at 4am! At 7am, I called the doc and they had me go to the hospital. I think you all know what happened there...basically I'll skip the details on that. While Derek and I were at the hospital, Andrew got to spend time at the playground with Nanny and Papa. Derek and Andrew went to the Cards vs. Nats game at night...which was postponed due to rain. Thanks to Uncle E, they were at least in a suite, with lots of good food and drinks!

Thursday was my dad's birthday and we enjoyed a fun lunch and ice cream together.

Friday was camp again (aka...4 hours of "Amy time" for me!). Today we took Andrew to a birthday party at My Gym, which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

He is now at the Schoener's having a sleepover and will spend the day there tomorrow playing with his cousins Lauren and Sarah. THANK YOU LEIGH & ERIC!!!

Derek and I just finished watching Juno...what a great movie! Not sure what took us so long to see it! So, it's technically Sunday morning (12:25am)...I'm blogging and Derek is learning a new computer program. Are we dorks or what?!?!? Well, not much else to do on date night in my current all know how I feel about sex and nipple stimulation :) Speaking of my current condition...I absolutely CAN NOT believe how swollen I feet, ankles, hands, fingers...all of it! I sat with cold towels wrapped around my feet and ankles while we watched the movie!


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