Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GOBBLE up all this cuteness...

HOLY SHIT....MY KIDS ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! i know, i might be a bit bias, but c'mon you gotta admit, they are pretty cute! i know it and i'm reminded every day by the funny and adorable things they do and say.

this week brought upon us thanksgiving feasts (yes, multiple feasts this year!) at school. all of the kindergarten kids at andrew's school gathered in the cafeteria to perform 2 songs before their feast. while my video of this did not come out well enough to post, i can assure you that had you been there, you would've been laughing. i don't think one child knew the words...and if they did...none of them were singing together! however....they were still so stinkin cute...all dressed up in their thanksgiving gear!

andrew was surprised by the special guests at his feast (in addition to mommy, of course!)....daddy, jacob, nanny, papa, lauren & sarah!

jacob's preschool held its annual feast today. this non-traditional feast makes me laugh every year. think about it....what kind of food do you serve at a synagogue thanksgiving feast??? you certainly can't serve turkey alongside the dairy foods available. remember...all items must be kosher dairy. so...the school gets quite creative...
i present to you....the egg salad turkey!

jacob is proudly showing off his "thank you tree"...the leaves each have what he told the teachers he is grateful for! how cute!!!

so...i'll say it again...MY KIDS ARE SO CUTE AND I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

SUMthing to brag about...


while at a friend's house, andrew completed this math worksheet...without ANY help!!!

he has also earned 10 croc stocks (his school is the island creek crocs) for following the croc's creed of being respectful, responsible, safe, honest cooperative and kind. for earning the 10 croc stocks, he came home with this certificate!

we are so very proud of andrew and all of his accomplishments so far in kindergarten!

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