Saturday, May 14, 2011

lies i told my kids recently

yes...that's right...i lie to my kids....and i'm NOT afraid to admit it! sometimes lying to my kids makes life a little easier on all of us...ok, well maybe just on me...but hey, what they don't know won't might not hurt them!

***please children were harmed in the telling of these lies***

1... i told andrew i didn't have any money with me, so we wouldn't have to go to the concession stand after his tball game today

2... i told jacob that the "bike room" at school was closed for cleaning, so i could get him home for a nap, rather than staying to play after school

3... i told jacob that we didn't have a particular movie anymore, just because i simply could not stand to watch it or even hear it in the background again

4... i told andrew the iphone was charging, because i didn't want to have to argue with him about not playing a game on it

so....there you have it....just a few i can remember as i'm sitting here. trust me....there are many more....i guess i fib so much i can't even remember them all!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

for the record....

one of the main reasons i started this blog, was to capture all of the wonderful memories that come along with motherhood. recently, i have found myself saying repeatedly, “i have to write that one down” in reference to something one of the boys has said or done. so…here they are….at least the few I can recall right now…hopefully i’ll get better at adding these things to the blog in a timely manner…

jacob when he woke up “mom, my feet hurt in these paybays (that’s pj’s btw)

me: that’s probably because those pajamas are getting too small

j: why they getting small?

me: because you’re getting bigger and longer

about 20 minutes later….

me: jacob do you want to eat breakfast at the big table or your little table?

j with a very serious look: i should sit at the big table today because i getting so long.

in the car, jacob was holding both his water cup and mine, when he said, “i have 2 cups. if i drink one, then i only have one cup.”

andrew: mom, since 100 cents equals one dollar, does 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 equal 100?

me (very proud!!!): yes, how did you figure that out?

a: because 4 quarters equals a dollar, so 25 four times equals 100.

me: oh my god andrew! you are SO smart!!!

me to jacob: ok jacob, i need a kiss before we do that.

j: why you always need kisses? daddy not always ask for kisses all time.

i'll end this post with pics of the beautiful artwork the boys made me for mother's day!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the wheels on the bus....

go round and round....round and round...

we had a milestone last friday....andrew rode a school bus for the VERY FIRST time! his class took a field trip to the reston petting zoo, which is about 40 minutes from here. i must say, i was a little nervous that THIS would be his first bus ride. talk about major highways and major construction along the way!

andrew had a great time at the zoo and seemed unfazed the bus ride. while andrew was on the field trip, i relaxed my mommy worries with a manicure and massage (belated bday gift to myself!)

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