Saturday, June 28, 2008

the boob factor...

last night i sat down to write a post about my day out with courtney...and i was just TOO tired to even think. this morning, when i logged on, i saw that courtney had posted on her blog last night. so...rather than retelling our adventures in breastfeeding, i invite you to read it on her blog...

thanks courtney!

Friday, June 27, 2008

40 weeks

Today would have been the 40 week mark for my pregnancy, but instead we are getting ready to celebrate 2 weeks of life with Jacob Ellis :) I must say, the past 2 weeks have been much better than I ever could've anticipated. I believe I have been out of the house more in the first 2 weeks of Jacob's life, than I was in the first 2 months of Andrew's life! So, I'll take that as either a sign that things are easier the second time around...or...that it's just necessary to get out of the house when you have a 3 1/2 year old at home!

Since starting this blog, I have received so much positive feedback from friends and family. Well, we owe it all to my friend Courtney, who got me blogging in the first place. You may have noticed a new section on my blog..."snippits." For this, I also owe a thank you to Courtney, for introducing me to the new world of Twitter. If I thought I was addicted to blogging and facebook, I can't imagine what it's going to be like now. Twitter enables me to post what I call "snippits" to my blog without even sitting at my computer! I can actually text message snippits to my blog. I am really excited about this, because it means I can post funny things that come out of Andrew's mouth while we are on the go! Just wait until I get my iPhone next month...I'll be taking the blog to a whole new level. Yes Derek, I admit, I am now excited about the prospect of owning an iPhone! How many days until our ties are cut with T-Mobile???

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today's posting is in "green" as a way to show thanks to Nanny for spending such a fun day with us. (Nanny's favorite color is green)

We met at Burke Lake Park around 11 this morning and did not get home until about 4pm...and boy, was I pooped! When we first arrived at the park, Andrew said he did not want to ride the train...which was one of reasons we went to this park in the first place. This didn't surprise me though, since Andrew tends to take a little while to warm up to most activities. So, we headed to one of the playgrounds, right near the train. Despite being slightly intimidated by the bigger kids running the playground, Andrew had fun...Jacob enjoyed a nice nap in the's rough!

After seeing the other kids riding the train, Andrew decided he was ready for a turn. So, we all boarded the train and took a nice ride through the park.

After the train ride, it was time for some mini golf for Andrew and me! It was really nice to be able to play a game with Andrew, just the two of us. It's amazing, how once we were spending this quality time together, I realized how focused I've been on Jacob over the past 12 days. Of course, it's to be expected, but I hadn't really realized it, until that moment. Thanks so much to Nanny for watching Jacob, so Andrew and I could have this special time was much needed for both of us! As you would guess, Jacob continued his nap during this time. A funny quote from Andrew while playing golf..."Mom, I'm a real golfer now!"...not sure what he was before...a fake golfer???

Not only was it almost 100 degrees outside and blazing HOT, but to make the game even more fun, we were stuck behind a line of other players. So, we took water breaks in between holes, took silly pictures, and even sat down to wait at some holes.

Andrew and Nanny hit the train one more time, so I could feed Jacob. Yes, this was the ONLY time he was awake during this adventure! And what better way to end a fun day, then to head to Friendly's for lunch and ICE CREAM...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We did it, we did it, we really really did it!

Many of you may recognize this line as being from the ever popular TV show "Dora the Explorer." However, today, it was not something Andrew heard coming from our television set, but rather from his mommy's mouth. I am proud to say that I made it out of the house with 2 kids today...and survived! We went to playgroup and saw all of Andrew's friends. He had so much fun, and it was great for him to be back with his own buddies...rather than watching the boob tube...or the boob (as a feeding supply to his little brother). He was a bit wound up when we came home and it took a while for him to settle in for a nap. Eventually, he fell asleep, as did I, and all 3 of us took a nice little snooze. After being out today, I definitely needed the shut-eye.
It's 10:40pm now, and I've been on the computer, trying to keep myself awake for the past hour. After I feed Jacob in about 20 minutes, I hope to hit the hay. Tomorrow should be another tiring day. We're meeting Nanny at Burke Lake Park. Funny stories and pictures are sure to follow...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sign of acceptance?

Andrew has been adjusting a little more each day to being a big brother, and tonight, we hit the motherload! Knowing my eldest son and his unique personality, I'm still waiting for him to ask "When can we put him back in your tummy, mommy?" Is it a sign of true acceptance, now that he has actually held Jacob in his arms??? One can only hope!

Earlier this afternoon, Andrew received my vote for being the "Cutest Fireman." After 10 days at home, he's still finding ways to keep busy and have fun! We are very much looking forward to getting out of the house tomorrow and heading to playgroup. As many of you know, one of my creative parenting techniques (aka. tricks) for getting Andrew out of the house, is a game we call "race the clock." I time Andrew as he gets ready and out the door and he gets very excited to get out of the house before the timer beeps. I'm thinking I may need to use this technique for myself tomorrow long will it take to get myself + 2 kids ready and out the door in the AM...stay tuned to find out!

Playing catch up

I know, I know...I've been slackin on the blog. I have no excuse, other than...hmmm....let's see...

* I'm busy chasing a 3 1/2 year old around the house
* I'm trying to entertain a 3 1/2 year old WILD boy, who is OBVIOUSLY tired of being in the house
* About every 2-3 hours, I'm attached to a baby via my breast
* I'm changing A LOT of diapers...this kid poops A LOT!
* Laundry, laundry and more laundry...I forgot that little babies have A LOT of laundry!
* Dishes, dishes and more dishes... maybe I do have an excuse or ten :) The Banocy's are heading back to St Louis tomorrow morning, so I figured I'd better blog while I have extra hands around the house. I need to give Dorothy and John a big shout out...THANK YOU!!! It has been so great having them both here, not only to help me out, but to spend time with both Andrew and Jacob. Today, Andrew got to have a special lunch with GG and Papa at the Silver Diner. They had to drag him out of the house kicking and screaming to go (no exaggeration!), but once he was in the car, he dropped the "I don't wanna go" attitude and had a great time. He really needed this time alone without Jacob. In true Dorothy style, we also received a makeover on our basement and other places throughout the house while she was here. Where does she find the between helping with the laundry, dishes, diapers, etc! Anyway...thank you SO much Dorothy and John for being here and helping us adjust to life with 2 boys!

We've had some exciting days (and nights!) since my last post. For starters, our kitchen became a lego train station over the weekend.
On Saturday, we piled into the car and headed over to the Schoener's for a BBQ. It's a good thing Dorothy is so petite...she had to squeeze in between the carseats in the backseat! Lauren remains ecstatic about being around Jacob! She washes her hands to hold him and then will not touch anything (I mean, anything!) until she has her hands on him. So responsible!

Yesterday, we officially welcomed Jacob (and all his bits-n-pieces) into the world, with his Bris and Naming Ceremony. For those of you who don't know, this is how us Jews perform a front of everyone, with an emotional ceremony. What more could a mom who's not even 2 weeks postpartum need?!?! Needless to say, it was quite a day. Both Andrew and Jacob fell asleep on the car ride home and then on GG and Papa when we got home... with as many pics as I posted tonight, I promise to try not to let more than a day go by without posting. Stay tuned for some cute pics of Andrew holding Jacob tonight...yes, he HELD him for the first time! Oooohhh...what a moment!

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