Wednesday, December 15, 2010

party on...

andrew's birthday was a blast! my niece, sarah, had spent the night here, and the kids greeted andrew's bday at 5:45am! we had planned to take andrew out for a bday breakfast, and by the time we headed out, the kids had already finished 2 rounds of breakfast (that's what happens when they're up that early!!!). so...andrew asked me if he could have ice cream answer...."SURE!" well....then of course jacob and sarah wanted ice cream for breakfast too. i agreed to let sarah join in the fun, but poor jacob and his dairy-free diet (future post on this), he was left out! so while derek, nanny, jacob and i enjoyed our breakfast, sarah & andrew each had chocolate ice cream. i had told the waiter it was andrew's bday, but that we just wanted a candle and to sing by ourselves...we know how embarrassed andrew can get. he seemed to enjoy this much better than an entourage of waiters belting out happy birthday to him!

sleepover - sarah, andrew, natalie (neighbor) and jacob watching a movie

nothin' better than ice cream for breakfast...

and sharing it with your cousin!

...and the party was a hit! i don't have too many pics, since my camera battery died about 30 mins into the party...but i was able to borrow my friend's camera and will post more pics as soon as i have them from her. this was the first birthday party i've held outside the house and i must say it was SO much easier!!! all we had to bring was a cake, candles, goody bags and the people! and it was super nice not to have to clean up after all 20 guests left the party!

nanny with andrew & sarah

sarah climbing the bounce wall

andrew & karley
(karley's mom and i decided this could be their engagement photo!)

andrew on one of the slides

derek and jacob sliding away

everyone's having fun!

yes...i do have a 3rd child!

andrew enjoyed opening his presents as soon as we got home....and even sharing them with jacob. well....some of them....the LEGOS were off limits!

i'll be sure to post the other pics when i have them...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

S-I-X... read that right...andrew is 6 years old today! i can't believe it! for some reason, 6 seems SO much older than 5! birthdays are always a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. as i do that, i just can't believe how much andrew has grown in the past year. and i don't just mean his height :) andrew is smart, kind, creative, adorable, sweet, loving, caring, considerate and honest. he has such a big heart! he will sit and read a whole book by himself...instead of complaining of boredom, he will pull out art supplies and color me a picture...he will earn a prize at school and decide to give it to jacob, since he doesn't get prizes at school....he will run into my arms after school and give me hugs and kisses....he will squeeze my hand 3 times to tell me "I - LOVE - YOU"...after squeezing his hand back, he will return with 5 squeezes, meaning "I- LOVE - YOU - THE - MOST"...
andrew has a way of brightening everyone's day...his smile can light up the darkest room!
he is my baby...he will always be my first born...
as i look toward the future, i can't wait to see what is in store for andrew. i know his intelligence, creativity and amazing personality will bring great things to him.

andrew philip banocy....i love you! happy birthday my sweet boy!
love, mommy

about 38 weeks prego

december 2004 - just a few days old

halloween 2005

1st haircut

1st birthday - 2005

2nd birthday - 2006
halloween 2007
3rd birthday - 2007
4th birthday - 2008
halloween 2009
5th birthday - 2009
halloween 2010

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