Thursday, January 14, 2010

junk it 2010...the kitchen

as you know from reading my earlier post, the kitchen portion of junk it 2010 is to be completed tomorrow. i am happy to report that this should be achieved! the kitchen is pretty much

de-junktified and i only have a few minor areas remaining to be organized. i gave away many items on freecycle and i am still holding out for a few items that will hopefully make us some money on craigslist. i am feeling very good about all that i have accomplished this week...did i mention that i completed ANOTHER 4+ mile run today!!! GO ME!!! i'm thinking the next room on my list should be the play room...that one might take more than a week. i am SO excited to declutter that room...say bye-bye to your toys, boys!!! stay tuned and i'll let you know what assignment i choose!

Monday, January 11, 2010

positive power

it is amazing what we can do when we set our mind to it and tell ourselves we can accomplish the task(s) at hand. as many of you know, i am a member of a special book club, which is all based on the power of positive thinking and supporting one another on our journey through life. a great friend of mine started the club after noticing how many of her friends and family (including herself) were impacted after reading "the secret." our group is comprised of 6 amazing women, only 2 of whom i knew prior to this group forming. the group is different than your typical "book club"...for one, we don't read an entire book and then meet to discuss the book (or to just drink wine!). while we do enjoy each other's company over wine and dinner, our focus is on the betterment of each other and helping each other in reaching our personal goals. we do read a book...but only portions at a time. below are some of the books we've read since reading "the secret", if you're interested in checking them out at all...

we are currently reading another jack canfield book (LOVE HIM!!!), "the success principles." i've read this book before, but this time around it seems to be speaking to me more. one of the first points made in the book is that in order to be successful in life we need to do one important thing...take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our lives! while this sounds like an easy concept, i'll ask you the past 24 hours, have you complained about something or blamed someone else for something??? for most people, including myself, the answer would be YES...well, this means we are not taking 100% responsibility for ourselves and our actions. i am really trying hard to live up to this, so i too can reach my personal successes in life! you may be wondering why i'm babbling about this book club, the amazing women i've connected with, the books we've read, etc...
well, it all goes back to my last post. i want to report that i have been doing VERY well sticking to my plan...all without stressing about it! i honestly believe that i'm not stressing about getting it all (running, dejunking, being mom/wife, etc) done, because i know and believe i can do it.

on that note...the kitchen is almost dejunked...and i ran 4 miles today!!! that is by far, the most i've run in years!!! i was SO proud of myself when the treadmill reached the 4 mile mark would've thought i'd just completed a marathon...not only by my excitement, but by the redness in my cheeks and the amount of sweat dripping from my face!

it is such a great feeling when we accomplish our goals! and together...with the power of positive thinking, we can all be successful in whatever it is we choose to do!!!

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