Thursday, December 4, 2008

cool mom?!?!

so, andrew now thinks i'm "cool", but i must say, that i've gained this title after a not-so-cool experience! on our way home from school wednesday, jacob fell asleep in the car and andrew was fading in an effort to have a few moments with 2 quiet kids, i decided to drive around and let them sleep. afterall, gas is only $1.77 these days! i had circled the neighborhood twice and andrew was almost asleep. i made my way out of the neighborhood and down the street. i was definitely distracted, as i kept glancing in my rear view mirror to see if both kids were sleeping. as i glanced back to the road, i saw a policeman step out into traffic, blow his whistle and wave me over. somehow, i managed to keep the "shit!" scream to a quiet whisper...more in an effort to not wake the kids, than anything else! i had been pulled over for speeding in a school zone!!! i'm thinking, "man this really sucks!" ...not only did i get a ticket, but both my kids are now awake! andrew, however, thought it was really cool that mommy was talking to a "nice policeman with a motorcycle." later in the day, we passed this same spot on our way to a friend's house and our conversation went something like this...

andrew: "mommy, that's where the nice policeman stopped you today."
me: "sure did. was mommy going too fast and she got a ticket?"
andrew: "i don't think so mommy. you didn't get a speeding ticket, did you?"
me: "yes, honey. i did get a speeding ticket."
andrew: "you did? cool! did the policeman write i love amy on the ticket?"
me: "no."
andrew: "well, the next day when you get a speeding ticket i'm going to tell that my policeman friends love amy. they should write that on the ticket."
me: "ok. whatever you say!" be a kid again! no worries and it's "cool" to be stopped by a policeman!

so good, he'll eat it twice...

jacob is enjoying his food so much, that he has been known to shove his food covered hand and/or bib into his mouth and try to savor some seconds...

Monday, December 1, 2008

this little piggy...

...had green beans!
jacob sure is enjoying the good life...being fed more than just breastmilk, that is! i can only imagine what it must be like to taste all of these new foods. so far, jacob has eaten green beans, peas, carrots, squash and apples. the best part...there hasn't been a food he hasn't liked :)

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