Wednesday, April 28, 2010


andrew wrote this story at school today...he made it up on his own and wrote in on his own...

in case you need a translation...

welcome to bellybuttonville
in bellybuttonville everybody shows their belly button
and they have belly buttons for doorknobs


i got all this for LESS THAN 3 BUCKS

well, it definitely pays to do your research and organize your coupons before heading to the store! check out this deal i got today...thanks to mrs. moneysaver

2 honey nut cheerios @ $4.49 ea
3 multi-grain cheerios @ $4.39 ea
1 trix @$3.79

TOTAL before coupons/promo = $25.94

here's the amazing savings...
$10 off for GM promotion
$5.70 coupons (see link above if you need coupons)
2 coupons for FREE gallon of milk

TOTAL after coupons/promos = $2.86


Sunday, April 25, 2010

say cheese...

chuck e cheese...that is!

YIPPEE...andrew filled his smiley face chart (for the 3rd time!!!) and earned his trip to chuck e cheese! for those of you who aren't aware...we've created a reward system for andrew's positive behavior. the idea behind this, is that hopefully, by rewarding the positive behavior (rather than punishing for the negative), he will realize that he gets much more by being "good" and following the rules. andrew gets to choose his reward and then we decide together how many smiles he needs to earn. so...when we first started this, he chose extra lego time with daddy and he needed 6 smiles. then he chose a new lego set, so we set it at 10 smiles. when he chose chuck e cheese, we decided 7 faces. the chart starts out with just circles and then he adds the face when it is earned. we have found that this gives him ownership of the chart, as does having him choose the reward. we went to CeC tonight...what a BLAST!

we ended the night with some ice cream :)
SMILES all around!

andrew has chosen his next reward to be mini golf :)

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