Saturday, May 28, 2011


today i defeated what i consider to be the arch nemesis of running! it shines from above, trying to make me weaker. yes, it is has power at home in VA, but it extends its power to the hundredth degree here in FL...literally speaking! it slows me down and makes my breathing uneven. yes, i am talking about the sun and the heat!!!

My alarm went off at 6:40 this morning. i quickly hit snooze...i mean c'mon, i'm on vaca here, right! i couldn't fall back asleep though. i desperately wanted to roll over and get another hour of sleep, but all i could think about was how hot it might get in that hour. i checked my weather app and it said it was already 83 freakin degrees. ok...that was enough to get my butt out of bed and on the run. holy shit....83 degrees at 7 in the morning is a shock to the system! despite the heat, i felt i was doing well on my run. my water bottle showed me differently though. i had drained the darn thing by mile 3. a quick stop at walgreens for a bottle of water and i was back on my way. by 5 miles i was actually cursing. the thoughts inside my head, which i think escaped my lips at some point, were along the lines of "holy.fucking.heat....mother.f''!!!"

i did it though....6 miles in 1 hour and 8 mins!!! the forecast at home is looking HOT HOT HOT next week....don't be alarmed if you hear me cursing along the running route....or if i decide to run at might be the only option this summer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

that's what he said...

today in the car, jacob was being quite loud and it was bothering andrew. andrew had asked him to please be quiet several times, and he wouldn't listen. i then told him to please be quiet.
his response..."no i won't stop. i the king!"

jacob was in rare form (aka totally crabby!) at the grocery store today. he threw several tantrums throughout the shopping trip. one of the funniest ones occurred in the pasta aisle. he insisted that he wanted to try the elbow macaroni (which btw was on the shelf....not even in our cart!). i tried explaining to him that it had to be cooked before eating it. i told him it was hard, not soft like the pasta he eats at home. he was screaming, "i want to eat it NOW!" he then took the box off the shelf, opened it, took out a noodle and proceeded to eat it....all this while i stood there and watched (with a smirk on my face!).
crunch, crunch, spit on the floor
"eww mommy. why you have me eat that?"
yes...that box of pasta, now opened and tainted by my 2 year old, came home with us!

later in the shopping trip, jacob refused to ride in the cart. this wouldn't have been such a problem if he would walk with me. nope....the reason....he wanted the milk with the picture of a cow on it....not the milk i had already placed in the cart (sans cow pic). so....he just plopped himself down....right there in front of the milk fridge. and so it was....we had a little standoff in the milk department! guess who won??? ME....we got the milk already in our cart....and jacob walked with me to the register. well, almost all the way there. half of the time he said he was "froggy jacob" and proceeded to hop like a frog saying "ribbit."
no.....this is not a joke! this really was my trip to the grocery store today!!!

now...where's that wine i bought?!?!?

sweet idea....

as classroom parent for both andrew & jacob's classes, i'm always searching for cute ideas for teacher appreciation week. i thought i'd share with you the candy bar poster i made for andrew's teachers one day during the week. btw...i had made this for his preschool teachers last year, but forgot to blog about it! here it time for anyone who might want to make it as an end of the year gift/card for teachers.

the pic is small, so here's what it says.....words in bold/italics are where you put a candy bar...
thank you teachers! you all are sweet tarts for everything you teach our children. our kids really skored when they landed in your class! we know sometimes they act like they're from somewhere beyond the milky way. it must be hard to contain your snickers when those sugar babies tell you mounds of funny stories. thank you for teaching our children to be good & plenty polite, rather thank acting like goobers! they have learned whoppers of information in your kindergarten class! you bring such joy (use almond joy candy) to their lives and have been lifesavers for all of us this year! we can't thank you enough for all you do! you all deserve a 100 grand payday! be sure to take 5 today. we love you to pieces!!! hugs and kisses, parents of your 2010-2011 class

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