Monday, February 9, 2009

lightening mcCLEAN

convincing a 4 year old to clean up his toys because it is time to go to bed, is never an easy task. so, what's a mom to do when she wants her kid to do something??? no...not bribe (although that works too!) turn it into a game! andrew was busy playing with a flashlight at the time clean up time came around so i made up this game for him...
i pointed the flashlight at a toy and he had to race to put it away in the correct toy bin before i was shining the light on another toy. i really didn't expect this to work, but it did...and andrew actually was having fun while cleaning up his toys. so...we named this game lightening mcCLEAN! what could be better than a game named after his favorite race car?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

in the bank

my sister-in-law, who is AWESOME at finding bargains and saving money, introduced me to this site yesterday. i have tried numerous coupon websites and this one is by far the best! it tells you what the deals are and exactly how to get them. so...last night i familiarized myself with the site and this morning while derek and andrew were at bball i started my coupon hunt. the deals at cvs are great, but i didn't get there today. i went to target and giant and here are some of the best deals i scored today...

coffeemate coffee creamer - retails at target $1.67 - i used a $1.50 manuf. coupon - paid only 17cents!

yoplait yogurt (8) - retails at for $4.72 (59cents each) - i used $1 off manuf. coupon PLUS $1 off target coupon - paid only $2.72 (that's ONLY 34cents each)!

del monte can corn - on sale at giant for $1 - i used 75cent manuf. coupon, which was DOUBLED to $1.50 - paid ZERO and EARNED 50 cents on my purchase!

i'll be sure to keep you posted on future deals i score! i am very excited (if you can't tell) and got such a high after saving this money today, that i think i've found a new hunting :) thanks jodi!!!

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