Thursday, May 21, 2009

a child's perspective

as many of you know, my parents have sold their house in reston, va and will soon be moving to sunny florida! they decided not to take ANY furniture with them, which left MANY things to be doled out between my sister and me. amongst many other things we've inherited through this move (ie...soap, shampoo and diapers to name a few), we are going to be the owners of my parent's bed and their family room furniture. in preparation for the movers to deliver these items today, derek and i moved as much of our existing crap out of the way last night. seeing as we have A LOT of crap and NOT A LOT of space, our dining area has become home to our "old" family room furniture. it's quite a mess as you can imagine!

this morning, andrew came downstairs and the first words out of his mouth were "HOLY COW!" after the initial shock of the mess, the following conversation took place...

A: mommy, are we moving?
Me: no honey. remember we are getting nanny and papa's furniture. we had to move our things to make room.
A: it looks like when we moved in here. it's messy. i'm glad we're not moving. what would i do without brendon, sarah, abby and timmy? (these are kids on our street)
Me: and what would mommy do without mrs carnell. she's mommy's buddy. (our next door neighbor)
A: yeah. and we can't ever move because what would i do without timmy's soccer goal! we're gonna have to live here forever! ok?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

privacy act

in my previous life, as a corporate working woman, i would sometimes retreat to the bathroom in search of some silence. don't sigh, you know you've done it too. the boss (typically a man) gets on your nerves and you just need to get away for a few head for the ladies room...afterall, it's the best place to hide, right?!?!

i believe that the bathroom should be a place where one should have peace and quiet while they do their "business." it IS called the "rest"room for a reason, don't you think!?!?! well, apparently this is another one of those definitions that only exists until you have kids. now i wonder...will i EVER be able to go to the bathroom ALONE again?!?!

maybe this should go on this list of reasons to go back to work???

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