Saturday, September 26, 2009

we're school!

summer is officially over and school has begun...(and yes, this post is way overdue!). here are some pics of andrew the morning of his first day of pre-k...

jacob and i have been keeping busy while andrew is at school. on t,w,and th i work while A is at school, so jacob stays at home with our sitter, lia. she has been great so far! jacob has started to walk a little bit, but definitely still prefers to use his super speedy crawl to get from place to place.
we've been playing outside as much as we can before the weather turns cold. andrew LOVES his new jeep and also has fun riding in the neighbor's fire truck. jacob constantly tries to get on the ride-on toys...such as bikes and scooters. i think he might be ready to pedal before he really takes off walking! he also loves to play with the sidewalk seen in the bottom picture.

many of you have asked about andrew and his progress with play therapy. first of all, i want to thank all of you for your concern and positive energy toward the situation at hand. while we have not seen much progress with the play therapy, we are still hopeful. i understand that it may take time...much longer than we had originally anticipated. starting this week, derek & i will be meeting with the therapist every other week, to hopefully hear feedback about A's sessions and be given some parenting techniques to try at home. we have DEFINITELY had to be BIG advocates for andrew throughout this process. i have been in constant contact with the therapist, since i have not felt that we were getting what we needed from her. after speaking with her earlier this week, i hope we are now on the same page, so we can move forward and see some positive changes in andrew. i will say, that he has had a great transition back to school, which i believe is partially due to his work in play therapy. for this we are very thankful!
i will keep you updated...and thanks again for your love and support!!!

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