Monday, February 1, 2010

junk it 2010...on to andrew's room

the play area has been dejunktified...and stays clean pretty much between the hours of 9pm-9am...or at least according to derek!

after a wonderful trip to FLORIDA, i am a few days behind on the junk it 2010 tour. i must say though, after seeing my parents' new digs, i am in the mood to clean baby! their house is like a is SO least until all 8 of us arrive over spring break! watch out nanny & papa...better hide all the fragile stuff!!!

this week, junk it 2010 moves upstairs to andrew's room. while i haven't completed all rooms on the first level (still need to do dining room & family room), i am so motivated to get into A's room. he must have 1000 books in his room, numerous toys to boot, and clothes that are way too small taking up space in his drawers.

in fact, i think i'll head up there now. oh, wait...he's sleeping...guess it'll have to wait! for now, i'm going to enjoy a glass of cab sav and spend some time with my hubby!

i'll keep you posted...on the room that is!

say "cheese"....

or...maybe just "yogurt"

seriously, jacob...did you even get ANY in your mouth!

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