Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the last supper

well, the time has come for us to bid adieu to my parent's house. along with my parents and sister, and sometimes a dog or 2, i spent much of my life calling this house my home. tonight, we will meet at the house, which is now completely empty, for one last meal. yes, i did say it's completely empty...so we'll be dining picnic style! it is definitely very weird to think that this will be the last time i will be in the house. so, please bear with me (or stop reading now) as i reflect a bit on the the many memories i have of "home"...

***the first things that comes to mind, are of course, the bad things leigh and i did...(here it goes mom and dad...if you didn't know yet, you do now!)

*sneaking out during sleepovers
*leigh hosting a "small party" and getting busted (i was at camp and can remember like it was yesterday, reading the letter she sent me!)
*having boys over
*raking the yard (endlessly) after getting in trouble at school

***some of the good times that immediately come to mind are...

*having great neighbors as a kid and always having someone to play with
*celebrating hanukkah and other holidays as a family
*trick or treating
*coming home from summers away at camp..to a card and gift on my pillow
*always knowing that on my birthday, cards would be waiting for me on the kitchen table at breakfast...and an ice cream cake would be in the freezer that night :)
*my chalkboard (emily...you know what i'm talking about!)
*being picked up for formals, homecoming and prom at that house
*opening the front door to meet derek in person for the first time and knowing there was something special about this guy
*celebrating the birth of BOTH of my sons, by having their bris at the house
*andrew calling "my" room, "his" room when he spent the night at nanny and papa's

this will be a fun and emotional night...i'm sure some tears will be shed as we close the door, literally, on this chapter of our lives.

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