Saturday, August 16, 2008

Side by Side Comparison

Jacob had his 2 month checkup on Thursday. We both survived the 4 shots and 1 oral vaccination he received!

His stats...
weight: 11lbs. 13oz.
height: 24 1/4"
head circumference: 15 1/2"

At Andrew's 2 month checkup (he was actually 11 days shy of 2 months) his stats were...
weight: 11lbs. 15.5oz.
height: 22 1/2" (Andrew reached 24 1/2" around 4 months)
head circumference: 15 3/8"

News to note at 2 months...
Jacob is holding his head up...smiling...laughing...following sounds with his eyes and head...and last but not least...Jacob is sleeping an average of 8 hours at night!!! (hope I'm not jinxing anything by typing that)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAY!

today marked an important day in my life!. no, i did not win a gold medal or break any world records, but i did face a fear i've had for about 2 months now...

i went to the grocery store with both boys in tow!

some of you may be thinking, "big deal. i did that shortly after my second child was just born." well, to me this was a big deal...and let me tell you...i am not eager to do it again anytime soon! as we set out, i realized i forgot andrew's sippy cup...mistake #1. i also forgot to bring snacks for him...mistake #2. we drove to shoppers (where i normally shop) and they did not have ANY of the "kids love them, moms hate them" car shopping without even parking, i decided to go to giant, which always has plenty such carts. i started thinking this was going to be easy...since jacob was sleeping. as fate would have it, he woke up the second i put the car in park!

picture this...i unload the kids and we head for the car carts. in true andrew fashion, he can't decide which of the carts he wants to ride in...mind you, they are all EXACTLY the same. he picks a cart and gets in...ok, one kid down, one to go. CRAP...jacob's carseat won't attach to the've got to be kidding me. i try go. i try another go. i tell andrew we have to go back to the car and get the baby bjorn. in fear of losing his cart, he throws a fit. i contemplate running back to the car with just jacob and having andrew save our cart, but that thought lasts only a minute, before all of the "scary mom thoughts" start running through my mind. so, we all head back to the car. i've got jacob in the bjorn and he's screaming his head off. the poor kid just wants to go to sleep. we cross the parking lot. thank goodness the cart is still there...still not sure what would have happened if it was taken...major meltdown i'm sure. i push the cart with one hand (those carts are hard to steer, you know!!!) and switch between patting jacobs tush and holding the pacifier in his mouth with the other hand. he falls asleep...we keep shopping. one hour an 15 minutes later i exit the store with groceries and both kids...SUCCESS! mind you, andrew now has icing all over his face, from the super sized smiley face cookie he ate while i shopped...hey, whatever works :)
come to think of it, i may have set a world record, for the longest single trip to the grocery store. it's definitely a personal record...maybe next time i can get it down to one hour! next time i won't lose time messing with jacob's carseat and the cart...i'll just do the bjorn!

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