Sunday, January 16, 2011

what's the opposite of the tooth fairy???

could it be the tooth monster???

i'm not sure what it's called, but it has struck the banocy household! a recent visit to the dentist brought us the news that andrew has not one, not two, but...S-I-X cavities!!! for each year of his life, i suppose! now...mind you, i have NEVER had a cavity, so i was SHOCKED to hear this. andrew doesn't sit around and eat sugary foods, drink a lot of juice, or anything like that. i will say that about a year ago, he started brushing his own teeth (as opposed to one of us helping him) and i think that was the culprit.
we visited the pediatric dentist who will be filling andrew's teeth, and he was great! we'll go back on the 25th to get the 1st two filled. that appointment will be followed up by 2 more, with 2 fillings each time. UGH!!!
since finding out about the cavities, we've been MUCH MORE diligent about brushing andrew's teeth (we're doing it, not him!), flossing and then using a fluoride rinse for kids.
anyone been through this with their kids? any advice???

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