Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh my word....A FUN GIVEAWAY!

i can remember being in elementary school (yes, it was a LONG time ago!) and getting so excited for lunch! not only did i love to eat (some things never change-hee hee) but i knew there was always going to be a note from my mommy inside my lunchbox. i looked forward to reading those notes EVERY DAY....and yes, she did write one pretty much every day!!!! (side note: my mom rocked!)

carolyn carter, owner/designer of CaitiMac Creations must have had moms like mine (and kids like me) on the brain when she thought of the idea for her new Lunch Box Scribbles. i must admit, before receiving my Lunch Box Scribbles in the mail, i only put notes in the boys' lunch boxes every once in a while. but's SO easy and fun that i do it every day! carolyn's scribbles are reusable foam chalkboards, which of course, is also good for the don't have to use a new piece of paper for each note! hello...could this be any better?!?! There are 4 different styles...circles, balls, flowers and hearts...something for everyone my friends! AND....get this....each set of 2....ONLY $8.99!

naturally, you'd LOVE to have one for FREE...right?!?!? head over to facebook, check out these adorable Lunch Box Scribbles and become a fan of her page! then, post a comment on the Lunch Box Scribbles page, telling carolyn which scribble you like best and who you'd use it sure to let her know that it's for the mommy's time out giveaway!!!

not on facebook? no problem...simply check out the Lunch Box Scribbles website, then post your comment here!


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