Sunday, August 21, 2011

hot fun in the summertime...continued....


the past few weeks have been filled with fun activities....and some first-time stuff too! i finally got over my fear of water parks and took the boys to great waves at cameron run. i had scored a deal on certifikid....$16 for a 4-pack of after 3pm tickets. for $16, i figured it wouldn't be a huge loss if we ended up not going, so i bought the deal! since i had an extra ticket (and i was still a bit nervous about the whole thing) i had one of our have babysitters, michelle, come along with us. this turned out to be a GREAT idea, as the boys rarely wanted to be in the same place at the same time. we were able to split up and it gave me some much needed one-on-one time with each of the boys. it was an added bonus that they adore michelle (as do i!) and were so excited about spending this time with her too! andrew enjoyed ALL of the water park, while jacob stuck to the smaller water play area, the spray park, and the playground/climbing structure. both boys LOVED the smaller watersides....and andrew even went down the big racing slides with me! as soon as we finished the race, he said, "i won!" i said, "yep you did! that was so much fun!!!" his reply, "we are not doing that again. it was so not awesome mom." i was really proud of him for trying it though!!! we had so much fun that we stayed until the park closed at 7pm! we will definitely be making this an annual summer activity. thanks again to certifikid for the great deal....i'm not sure i would've tried this out at full price.

andrew & michelle after going down a water slide

jacob & michelle at the top of the climbing structure

one of the playground slides

last week we met my sister and her girls at the maryland science center. we got there around 10:30 and i figured we'd spend a few hours at the museum, head to lunch and be on the road back home by 3 or 4. well, we all had SO MUCH fun at the museum, we had to drag the kids out of there around 3pm to get lunch! there was just SO much to do there....including exhibits on dinosaurs, gravity, senses and the human body. we also saw a "sesame street" planetarium show which the kids seemed to enjoy. we ended up not leaving b'more until about 5pm. this museum was FANTASTIC and i highly recommend it for children (and adults!) of all ages. of course, for us, everything is more fun with leigh, lauren and sarah there!!!

sizing up the dinosaur bones

so cute using the magnifying glass!

dusting off fossils

color your own dinosaur

create your own dinosaur

lining up the dinosaur's body

andrew was SO excited to see the turtles...his fave!

launching pool noodles into the air

stick your hand in the lower box and guess what's in there...

sarah on a bed of nails

lauren on a bed of nails

wahoo....guess i'm healthier than i thought

andrew figuring out how to line up the ramps, so that the ball makes the bell ring at the end

water area

this past weekend my cousins staci & lisa, and staci's son asher, came down to visit. we spent the day hanging out at my sister's pool and then the girls had a cousin's night. what a blast!!! and asher is such a cutie!!!

asher & jacob sitting on the fountains

cousins!!! lisa, me, staci and leigh

smores, wine and good chats! ( time you can't go to sleep!)

with two weeks of summer vaca remaining, we still have a few things on our "to-do" stay tuned...
...then it's BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

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