Thursday, November 17, 2011

can i get an "ARGH!"....

yes...those are our crazy pirates dressed up for halloween! ever since our pirate adventure this summer, the boys have wanted to be pirates for halloween. before heading out to the store and spending a lot for costumes, i figured i'd check out craigslist. and, what do you know....i found not one, but two pirate costumes...for sale by one person! her kids had the same idea last year, to be pirates together. what made it even better, was that andrew's costume was not just a pirate, but captain jack sparrow, who is one of his faves right now! what made it even better for me, was scoring BOTH costumes for under 20 bucks!!!

the weekend before halloween, we had our annual BLOCKtoberfest. jacob didn't want to wear his costume, so he wore his fireman set instead. everyone had a fun time and got geared up for trick-or-treating the next night. i absolutely LOVE our neighborhood and i love the fact that andrew and jacob have friends so close in age right here on our block. we all went trick-or-treating together and had a BLAST! the boys came home with way too much candy (according to me!) so we donated some to the troops. all in all, it was a great weekend!

heading out to BLOCKtoberfest 2011

block kids getting ready to trick-or-treat

check out my loot!

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