Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkin shortage...are they serious?!?!

over the summer months, i heard numerous reports that people should expect a shortage of pumpkins this year. it seems to me that these predictions were i am seeing plenty o' pumpkins everywhere! today, in the 75 degree sunshine, the boys and i made our way to our local farmer's market for what would be our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. i was SO delighted with their cooperation in taking pictures, that i went a bit crazy with the camera. by the time we left, jacob was walking to the car, repeating "cheese, cheese." we had a great time and hope to get back there one more time before halloween...maybe next time with D.

i plan on framing this one is screaming, crying, hitting or pushing!!!

here are 2 pics from last year, just so you can have a comparison of the boys...only one year later!

despite the number of pumpkins available, i opted to not buy any at this particular location, based solely on price alone. to give you an idea, i saw a $79.00 pumpkin!!!'ve either gotta LOVE halloween or be ready to make A LOT of pumpkin pies to spend that kind of money!

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