Tuesday, June 14, 2011


july 2008 - only a few weeks old

july 2009 - 1 year
june 14, 2010 - 2 years

june 2011

my sweet baby jacob....today you are THREE years old! as i'm typing this, you are lying quietly on the couch watching dora...the baby dino one...it's your favorite. i thought you'd take a nap today, but you are too excited about our trip to the playground this afternoon.

jacob, every day spent with you is one that i will cherish forever. you have such a great personality. you make everyone around you smile and laugh with the funny things you say. just today, you were telling me that the playground at camp wasn't fun. when i asked you why, you said, "because there weren't any animals there." i then asked what kind of animals you would want at the playground and you simply said, "wah wahs (giraffes), ryes (tigers) and gorillas. just those three. that's all i want on the playground with me."

not only are you incredibly funny jacob, but your are very smart too! just this past week, you pretty much mastered the art of peeing and pooping on the toilet...self taught! we didn't even really have to "potty train" you. basically, you put the underwear on and were ready to roll! your fave joke right now is when someone says, "what's under there?" and you get to say "under where...ha ha i said underwear!" when you talk, i sometimes forget that i'm talking to such a young child, because the words that come out of your mouth, sound like those from a 5 year old.

although you and andrew argue like the best of 'em, i can tell that you wholeheartedly love and adore your brother. (ok....note...you just fell asleep on the couch...and you are SO cute!!!)
you say and do pretty much everything andrew says and does. you are definitely the "monkey do" of the family. i can't wait to see the relationship between you and andrew grow over the years! and you are just too cute, the way you say "brothers!"

jacob ellis banocy...i love you with all my heart!!! i hope you never change...please stay the sweet, funny, adorable, handsome, loving, cuddly boy that you are! now...if only i could figure out a way to keep you at age 3!

happy birthday my love!

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