Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wait a minute....

when did this kid get so big?!?!?

sept 2009

sept 2010

sept 2011

i've been reading so many posts on FB and hearing through conversations with friends, how wonderful school is going for their child, how they're loving it, they love their teacher, etc. people keep asking how 1st grade is going for A. to tell you the truth, i can't really tell you! A has never been one to want to talk much about these kinds of things. i can remember one day when we were driving home from preschool and he said "why do you ask me so many questions when you pick me up?" it's always been a challenge for us....and i'm starting to think it may be this way for quite some time, if not forever. that's just the kind of kid andrew is. he doesn't want to tell me about his day. i wish so badly that he would. the other night he told me he doesn't want to tell me about his day, but that i can ask him questions and he'll maybe answer them. through this, i've been able to find out a little (very little!) bit about his days. i can tell you that his favorite part of the day is DEAR (drop everything and read) time....his biggest complaints are that the day is too long and that there's too much work. unfortunately, two things which i don't think are going to get better any time soon....sorry buddy! you're a big kid now (too big if you ask me!)!!!

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