Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 and counting...

so...the day has sweet baby jacob has turned two. while he is still as cute as can be, and funnier than ever, he is DEFINITELY two! those of you who have spent time (even just a second) with jacob, can verify that he chooses to communicate through screaming. he is picking up a word or two here and there, but for the most part, we have just come to learn what each of his screams mean. i am always impressed, when andrew figures out what jacob is saying before either derek or i can!
jacob LOVES to play...and play, trains, puzzles, art, name it, he's game! and if he's not, he'll let you know with a ear piercing scream :)
one of jacob's most recent hobbies is annoying the crap out of his big brother. he seems to have learned quite well, exactly what bugs andrew. he has been known to scream very loud in andrew's face, yank away whatever is in andrew's hand, push/hit/shove andrew...hmmm...this all sounds too familiar! oh, i get it...we are making headway with andrew, but someone wants to continue our challenge! well...i say...challenge accepted baby! been there, done that...we're pros now!
i don't have jacob's 2 yr stats...his appointment is tomorrow. i see birthdays as a time to here we go...a walk (or crawl, rather) down memory lane of the past year with my baby, jacob ellis.



gotcha...this is andrew! amazing how much they look alike!


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