Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what's up doc?

this week has been full of doctor's visits...the boys both had their well check ups on tuesday and i had a physical today. i'll spare you the details of my physical, as i know it's the boy's stats you are interested in :) i will say though, that i am below my pre-preggers weight, which i was REALLY happy to see! i can't compare jacob's 6 month stats to andrew's, because i can't find andrew's 6 month info. yes...i'm "that mom"...for some reason, i go straight from 4 months to 9 months in his baby book medical info! i can tell you though, that both boys are tall and thin!

andrew - 4 year stats
height: 40.25 in. (50th percentile)
weight: 35.4 lbs. (50th percentile)

jacob - 6 month stats
height: 27.75 in. (90th percentile)
weight: 17.1 lbs. (50th percentile)

both boys survived their shots...andrew had 3 and jacob had 4! it was me however, who almost lost it at the end! get this...when andrew was getting his 3rd shot, he started to cry and said "i guess i wasn't good after all." we had been saying "good job" so much throughout the appointment, because he was answering the docs questions and listening to her so well. turns out, he thought he was getting the shots because he hadn't been good during the appointment! brought tears to my eyes and i felt just horrible! we explained that he was getting shots to keep him healthy. he mentioned it again this morning and i told him that i was going to get shots today at my doc appointment too. he was glad to see my bandaid this afternoon when i picked him up from school. luckily, he didn't ask if i got the shot because i wasn't good at the doctor's office!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

mute or pause button anyone?

anyone find the mute or pause button for their children yet? if i could make this, i would have done it today!!! picture this scene...5:30pm...i'm exhausted and worn out from the day (i mean, c'mon, what mom isn't worn out by 5pm?!?! if you're reading this and don't feel the same as i...then stop reading now) anyway...5:30pm...andrew, the rambunctious 4 year old is running around the house on autopilot, having fun and choosing to ignore the fact that his voice has an "inside" level, even though i remind him several the same time, jacob is in the exersaucer screaming in his high pitched terradactyl voice, which i at least have to acknowledge that he does not yet know that he has an "inside" level.
2 crazy boys + way too loud inside the house = mom looking for remote control

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the party circuit

i am SO exhausted from the extreme madness of the weekend, but promised you all i'd post after the birthday, while i enjoy a piece of cake, here goes...

on friday (andrew's actual birthday) we had some of his friend's from school over to play & enjoy some birthday brownies. the kids seemed to have a blast! it was neat to watch them interact, since we don't really get to see that when they're at school. andrew received many wonderful presents, which of course, he was very excited about! he was not so excited, however, when everyone sang happy birthday to him....he buried his head in his hands! he really didn't like all the attention...hmmm...just another way he's like his daddy!

friday night, derek & i went to his office holiday party, which was also fun. it was really nice to get out for a night and enjoy some adult time. yesterday, i made the comment to derek that the food was really good at the party...his comment back to me..."apparently you thought the wine was pretty good too!" yes...i had quite a bit of wine and paid for saturday morning! derek took care of the kiddos while i stayed in bed until 10am...thanks babe!!! in the afternoon, derek put together the bike that my parents got andrew for his birthday. he was THRILLED to have a big boy bike and even ventured out in the 35 degree weather for a spin. he only lasted about 5 minutes out there, but wasn't quite ready to stop riding, so he headed inside and rode around the kitchen!

today we had andrew's "finish line" birthday party, which was tons of fun! the kids played hullabaloo (one of his favorite new games!), made door hangers, ate lunch, played and ate cake...what more can you ask for! after the "head in hands" incident on friday, i had talked with andrew and asked him if it would be okay for everyone to sing happy birthday to him. he said it was ok...we sang and he did get a little shy...he definitely doesn't like the spotlight on him like that. i'm curious to find out how many of the kids fell asleep either on the way home or once they got home. they were a rowdy bunch here and i'm sure many of them crashed after the party. not andrew though...after having a brief "rest time", we played some of the games he received...including a kid version of monopoly, which he really likes (thanks schoener family)!

all in was a great weekend! i still can not believe that my little boy is 4 years old! i also can not believe that my sweet baby jacob is 6 months old today!!! it's totally crazy how fast time goes by...i'm trying to live in the moment more and enjoy the's so important!

one final note...derek & i will be taking the boys to the doc for their 4 yrs and 6 mos check-ups on tuesday...i'll post stats after the appointment. other than that, i can't promise much blogging this week, as we'll be busy getting ready for our journey to st louis. we head out on friday...and yes, it's a journey, not a trip! it will probably take us somewhere between 15-20 hours to get there!!! are we there yet???

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