Sunday, August 22, 2010

EDIT to previous post...

Many of you have emailed me regarding my last post about saving money on school supplies. I thank you not only for reading my blog, but for taking the time to email me, FB me, or comment on the blog! One thing I heard repeatedly was that I wasn't giving myself proper credit. It was brought to my attention, that the $45 school supply kit DOES NOT include a backpack. So...if I take the $6 backpack we bought out of my final spending, then technically I completed back to school shopping for a MERE $14 and change!!!

Several people also asked me whether the time I spent was worth the money I saved...and I have to say YES, YES, YES! The shopping was done in only 3 shopping trips, 2 of which were unaccompanied by children! The shopping was done at 3 stores; Walmart, CVS and Target.

The last question I was asked was HOW I accomplished these savings. Here are my tips for you...

* print out (or have a copy of) the school supply list
* look at the newspaper ads with the list next to you
* jot down on the list which stores you notice have a "good deal" on a particular item(s)
* check for online coupons and/or coupons you have on hand already
* only buy what is on sale or a "good deal" that week (keep in mind, I was able to do this b/c I started shopping weeks ago)...other items will go on sale at another time
* DON'T STRESS about getting the best deal...if you overpay on an item for sake of convenience, just try to make up for it by spending less on another item.

Hope this info helps...and THANKS again for reading and commenting on my blog!

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