Friday, October 3, 2008

so little time

this morning, after derek left for work, i decided to get up and have some time to myself. even though my eyes burned, i thought it would be nice to start of the day with a little "me" time, before my time would be captured by the little ones. i headed downstairs around 6:40am, brewed some coffee and then couldn't decide what to do first. i told myself this WAS NOT the time to do things around the house...this was time for ME. my head immediately filled with a million things i could do...catch up on emails, enjoy my coffee on the deck with a good book, veg out on the couch watching oprah on get the point....mindless "me" things! well, i can't believe it is now 7:15 and any minute now i could be surrounded with the sweet sound of "mommy" cries...and i really didn't do much in the past 35 minutes. i did NOT stick to my original idea of "me" time...the first thing i did while the coffee brewed, was the laundry! that was the only "house" thing i did though :) i checked a few emails, logged in to the addicting world of facebook, read comments on my blog, and now i'm typing this entry...that's about it! is it woman-nature to always have a list of 100 things we could be doing? why are we wired this way? why can we not just enjoy 30 minutes of "me" time? i wonder...if a man woke up 30 minutes early...what would he do with his time? in this house...the man would probably pour a bowl of cereal and veg out in front of espn, watching replays from games he watched the night before. not that there's anything wrong with that?!?!
ok...i have now blown the final minutes of "me" time. it's time to head upstairs and start getting ready for the day ahead. TGIF!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bless you

no...i did not just hear you sneeze! it is the jewish new year and whether you are jewish or not, if you are reading this blog, i want to say thank you! i am such a blessed person! while it may seem that i bitch a lot about everyday things and crying kids, i do honestly know that i am truly blessed. so tonight, on rosh hashannah, i am thankful for the following...
* a fantastic husband who loves me and our children
* a husband who does the dishes (even after a long day at work!)
* a husband who does laundry
* a husband who i know (or at least i think i know) would do anything for me
* 2 amazing children
* andrew - our incredibly smart and talented almost 4 year old son
* andrew - who makes me laugh at least 10 times a day
* andrew -who makes me thankful for laughter and sweet innocence
* jacob -our smiley and giggly almost 4 month old
* my mom and dad who are such fantastic parents & grandparents
* my sister and her family who now live closer :)
* my husband's family for accepting me into the family almost 7 years ago now!!!
* my amazing "mommy friends" know who you are :) life just wouldn't be the same without you!
* the money i earn to help support our family
* a flexible job
* a beautiful home
* food on the table at every meal...and snacks in between
* kornfeld girls weekend...staci, lisa and judy - i love you!

ok...honestly...there are SO many more things, and this is just the beginning of what could be a very long list...but alas, i must go to bed! please, before you do anything else, think of at least one thing to be thankful for today...and if it's a person, let them know how much you appreciate and love them.
remember..."the happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."
happy new year to all my jewish peeps and good night to all!

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