Tuesday, January 20, 2009

gettin jiggy with obama

i have tried several times today to explain to andrew the significance of today and what a historic day it is. i think my friend summed it up great in 4 year old terms, when she explained it to her son (a classmate of andrew's)..."we have a new line leader!" andrew was watching the obamas as they took the stage for their first dance at the neighborhood ball and he began saying "c'mon barack, shake your booty!" i suppose he wanted our new leader to dance a bit faster...or maybe start up the electric slide!

pics a plenty

we were able to snag my mom's camera cord and download photos to derek's computer. when we get home i will download them onto my computer and i'll post the whole album for you. for now, here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, January 19, 2009

nothing to show - part deux

and with derek, came the sun and warmer weather! since his arrival, we have had beautiful weather...for the most part. i must say that prior to this trip, i had forgotten how difficult it can be to get out of the house with an infant. between naps and eating, it doesn't leave too much time for outings. yesterday, derek took andrew to play putt putt, and my mom and i headed to the pool, while my dad stayed upstairs with jacob who was napping. it was SO nice to spend time with my mom, without having to answer any of those inevitable cries of "MOMMY I NEED..." as if that wasn't relaxing enough, my mom took me for a pedicure in the afternoon. man, i could certainly get used to this...sunshine and pedis with my mom :) 

this morning, we all headed down to the beach, until jacob got cranky and needed a nap. derek took him back to the apartment, while the rest of us enjoyed some more sunshine. andrew played for a while by himself in the sand (he was really loving it!). the skies began to turn dark, rain was in the forecast and lunch was on the horizon, so we decided to pack it up and head inside. well, wouldn't you know it...the skies cleared and the rain never came! derek, my mom and i took andrew to gumbo limbo nature center. this evening we enjoyed a nice home cooked meal (my famous ziti) together. not sure what the day holds for tomorrow, but i'm sure of one thing...it will be FUN! it's our last day here before we head back to the cold on wednesday! pics to come...

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