Saturday, April 9, 2011


ok people....who out there remembers monchhichi dolls?!?!? you know...those kind of freaky, but cute monkeys from the 80's? well...they're baaaaaack!!!!!

i was checking out the deals on totsy today, and there they were! i don't remember them being "accessorized" when we were younger. they now have little costumes for the monkeys!
this is too much! hmmmm.....which one should i get j for his bday coming up?!?!?

if you're not on totsy yet, check it out. they have really cute deals for kids and know how much i heart these daily deal sites :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

couponing goes EXTREME....

while i may not be appearing on the show "extreme couponing" on tlc, i do have some extreme coupons to help you this week at the grocery store! enjoy and happy saving! LET ME KNOW IF YOU WORK ANY AMAZING DEALS WITH THESE COUPONS!!!

first up....COUPONS.COM

NEXT UP...CELLFIRE.COM - depending on where you do your grocery shopping, you may be able to load these coupons directly on to your store's grocery savings card. if your store does not participate in this, you can still print the coupons and bring them with you!

as i've mentioned, the sunday ads are YOUR KEY to COUPONING!!! for a head's up on those coupons take a quick second and sign up here! you can also sign up here and receive additional coupons sent right to your inbox!!! NEVER MISS A COUPON AGAIN! how easy is that?!?!

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