Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School...An experiment in saving money

One of my FAVORITE things growing up was BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING...and I was SO excited to pass this excitement on to Andrew as he will be entering Kindergarten in just a few weeks! At the Open House a few months ago, we were given the option to pre-order the supply kit for $45. To me, that seemed crazy...not only did I think I could pay WAY LESS for school supplies, but I also thought it was taking the FUN out of shopping for that fresh new notebook...AHHHH! So...I made it my little experiment to see just how much I would spend on Andrew's school supplies...and whether or not I would still say that B2S shopping is fun, after all the bargain hunting.

I just completed the shopping today and here it is...A GRAND TOTAL OF $20.12!!!!

· 2 Boxes Crayola crayons (24 pack) $.25 each = $.50

· 18 Small Elmer’s glue sticks $.25/2 = $2.25

· 1 Pair of Fiskars scissors – Blunt Tip $1.50

· 1 Plain Red Pocket Folders – Plastic with Brads $.75

· 1 Composition book (black & white marbled) for word study $.25

· 2 Bottles Elmer’s liquid glue – 4oz. $.25 each = $.50

· 4 Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers (Thick) FREE USING CVS REWARDS

· 1 Crayola Watercolors paint set (8 colors with brush) $1.97

· 1 Three ring zippered pencil pouch (clear plastic) $.40

· 1 Box of tissues (name brand preferred) FREE USING CVS REWARDS

· 1 Container of Hand Sanitizer Gel FREE - had in the house from previous freebie!

· 1 Box baby wipes (unscented) FREE - had in the house from previous freebie!

· 1 Box gallon size slide-lock storage bags $2

· 1 Box quart size slide-lock storage bags $2

· 1 Beach towel or blanket for quiet time FREE - seriously...don't buy a new one...use one your child already knows and loves!

· 1 Full-sized, 2-strap backpack (no wheels) $6 - we weren't even going to buy a new one, but when I saw this one on clearance, I couldn't resist!

1 Box Crayola Washable Classic Color Markers (Thick) $2

I will admit that I definitely could've found a few things even cheaper, but as the weeks went by, I just wanted to get it done! I am proud to say that not only did I SAVE MONEY, but it was FUN!!!

Hope you all enjoy your adventures in B2S they frugal or not!

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