Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

whew....what a day!

this was one for the record books folks! i'm sure as i type it, it won't seem as crazy as it all was "in the moment"...but it sure seemed like a DOOZY to me!
after being crazy sick yesterday and being out of it for the whole day, i was looking forward to getting shit done today. (thanks to my amazing neighbor, who watched the boys yesterday!!!) today, i had work to get caught up on and some things needed to be done around the house.'s 9am and i'm heading out the door to take j to school, when the phone rings.
"hi. mrs banocy?"
"yes. this is she."
"this is the clinic at island creek elementary. did you notice andrew's eye was red this morning?"
"yes, but i figured it was because he had been up for 3 hours during the night."
"well, we're going to need you to pick him up. he needs to be seen by his physician and can not return to school until he has done so and they've signed off on the pink eye release form"
" right there."

i gathered jacob and our stuff....loaded us into the car for the long drive across the street....unloaded j....grabbed a from the clinic....signed him out for the day....made an obligatory stop at the fish pond in the lobby (j will SCREAM if we don't)...headed back to the car....loaded up....called the pediatrician....
despite my extreme flexibility to be seen at either office, the earliest they could see andrew would be 2:30!

drove to preschool....dropped j off at preschool (had to have a teacher come out to the car to watch andrew...he can't come inside if we think he has pink eye!)...all the while j is repeatedly asking me "why hee-hee (that's andrew) not at school? why i go to school if hee hee not at school?"

headed home....started laundry....worked as best i could for 2 hours (keep in mind i had a 6 year old home with me!)....andrew got his fair share of tv/iphone game time....

headed to my doc appointment with said 6 year old in tow....
*i must give him credit....he was AMAZING....just read his book almost the whole time!
diagnosis: allergies! meds prescribed....

drove thru wendy's for some grub.....picked up jacob.....started to head to pediatrician's office...noticed we had about 30 mins to kill....stopped off at CVS (BIG MISTAKE)....
* NOT try to do major coupon/bargain shopping with 2 kids in tow!!!!

finished (miraculously!) at CVS....headed to pediatrician's office....of course, now we were 10 mins late!

andrew: pink eye!
jacob: fluid in both ears....but not yet infected!

meds prescribed for a....none yet for j....

j melts down in lobby while i'm paying.....carry him kicking and SCREAMING out to the car....(still unsure why he's screaming!)

thought we'd head to target to fill rx....WRONG!
j fell asleep in the car....SHIT!!!

knew he needed sleep....a is complaining "i just want to go home already. we've been out all day!" i convince him to drive around for a bit so j can sleep....i do this by telling him that we'll go to the krispy kreme drive-thru!

kk drive thru....a success....j doesn't even wake up!

we head home....j wakes up about 1 min from house....CRYING!

it occurs to me....he hasn't pooped in at least 2, maybe 3 days! CRAP.....literally!

d gets home around 5 and i head to target....sans children!
only to return to j still crying!!!

he finally goes poop....both boys go to sleep....i eat and enjoy a glass of wine.....
and type type therapy!

back to reality tomorrow??? NOPE....andrew can't go to school!
ha ha ha....joke's on me!!!

one thing i've learned about much as we try to plan our days, it is just impossible!!! expect the unexpected....and just roll with it!

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