Monday, June 8, 2009


ok...i just have to vent! i'm so annoyed with health insurance!!! for quite some time now, i have been on an individual health care plan through aetna. i added each of the boys when they were born, so now all 3 of us are covered under aetna. let me pause here, and say that i AM thankful we are all covered...but...the coverage is quite crappy!

so...i've been looking into other options and thought i'd go with carefirst bcbs. after spending almost an hour on the phone with the rep today, i will probably still go with them, but it's amazing how they "getcha" online and then really fill you once you speak to someone. just one it says my monthly premium would be around $380...WAY better than what i'm paying now, and the deductible is half of what we have now. so, i thought this looked great! come to find out, there's an additional $100 prescription deductible PLUS i have to pay an extra annual fee to have dental coverage!!! as i mentioned that took about 1 hour. well...i then started researching through the list of therapists i've been given. i wanted to see who, if anyone, would be covered under this new insurance plan (btw...not a single one is covered under aetna!). out of about 30, i found 1 who accepts bcbs! better than nothing i suppose, but c'mon people! why don't these people accept insurance?!?! there is a major mental health issue in this country and it's never going to get better if people can't afford to get the help they need. fortunately, we are not quite in that boat, because we will find a way to make it work, but this all just seems crazy! we live in such a progressive country, yet we can't all receive health insurance or receive services that we can afford! UGH!!!

i've vented and now i'll move on...

i did contact a few therapists today...spoke with one and left messages with others. i'm continuing to educate myself on "play therapy" and really think this is the way to go for andrew. it's so hard to pick one though, when i really know nothing about them! i want to make sure that this is a good experience for andrew, one he can feel comfortable with and learn from at the same time.
will keep you posted...

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