Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it's a's a plane...

and his friend SUPER-PUPPY...

My sister's mother in law recently gave Andrew "The Superhero Starter Kit" book which came complete with red cape, masks, wrist guards, and emblems. He is SO into it!!! Today we must have played superhero for 30 minutes...that's a long time in the adult world! My role was to be someone in trouble and he had to come save/help me. Some of my "troubles" were; needing help gathering my monkeys and putting them back in their barrel, helping rescue vehicles get to an emergency, and helping to clean up (I liked this one!). In response to this last one, he said, "Wait, there's one rule. Superheroes don't clean up." I thought that was very cute!
He had a blast and has barely taken his cape off all afternoon. He brought it upstairs when he went to bed...I won't be surprised if he wakes up with it on :)
Thanks Claudia for encouraging Andrew to use his imagination! We are having SO much fun with this gift!!!

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