Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother of all days...

once again, my boys have amazed me! mother's day started off with andrew presenting a breakfast in bed menu to me. i made my selections and he brought the menu back down to derek.

the two of them were then off in search of what they needed to make breakfast. one glitch to the whole breakfast in bed plan though...jacob woke up and needed to be fed (while A & D were out). so...when they got home, J and I were already downstairs...ready for breakfast :)

i relaxed while breakfast was prepared...SO NICE! A & D also surprised me with a vase full of flowers cut fresh from our yard!

once J was in for his nap, i headed out for some time to myself...aka shopping :) when i returned, i was greeted with street art that made me blush. not only did my boys want to tell me how much they love me...they told the whole neighborhood! in case you can't says "UR A SUPERMOM" and has a picture of flying superhero...

in the afternoon, we went out for a nice lunch with my family to wrap up this awesome day.

thank you derek for making my day so special! you 3 boyz are the GREATEST and i love you!!!

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