Sunday, July 12, 2009

workin' girl

on the eve of my 1st day back to 5 years...i am filled with a variety of emotions, but mostly excitement! i figured i'd write this post to answer the numerous questions i've received over the past week about this new venture. (sorry i haven't responded to everyone's emails and such)

i will be working as the marketing director for precision collision in lorton. fyi...this is a 6 minute commute from our house! i will certainly learn more about what i'll be doing tomorrow, but here's the short of job will be two-fold; for one, i will be visiting with current clients to ensure that they are satisfied and will continue to be our customers. second, i will work on securing new clients, from a list of what i would call "referrals". much of the job will be spent schmoozing the current and potential clients. i will be working 3 hours a day, 3 days a week...perfect! for now, our neighborhood sitter will be watching the boys, while she's home from college. in september, we will most likely have a part-time nanny watching jacob, while andrew is at school...these details are still being finalized.

seeing as i can not wear workout clothes or my bathing suit to work, i did some business clothing shopping this weekend. it was fun to buy these things and it definitely gave me a "sense of self" back...and that was only the shopping...imagine how i'll feel once i'm actually wearing them on the job!

speaking of which, i need to head upstairs and figure out what i'm going to wear tomorrow...i feel like it's the first day of school :)

here's to hoping i can sleep tonight!!!


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