Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did I really do that???

There are many things I've done as a mom, that I never thought I would do. This tops my list! There's no denying that Andrew is skinny...he weighed all of 29 pounds at his 3 year checkup. In an effort to get my "boy anorexic" to eat, I have turned mealtime into something a bit more fun. It started with breakfast about 2 weeks ago...it has now turned into a ritual! Every morning when I ask Andrew what he'd like for breakfast, he says with a smile "Surprise me mom!" What will I do when I have to pack his lunch for school???

Monday, August 25, 2008

ABC book

With Jacob's morning nap running until about 11am, we find ourselves sticking around the house more in the AM. I must admit, however awful it is, that I usually use this time to catch up email and do things around the house (i.e. clean the kitchen which is still dirty from the night before). Andrew tends to play by himself or with his friends, imaginary friends that is, and keeps himself pretty busy for an hour or so.

After looking at another mom blog over the weekend (chasingcheerios.com), guilt took over and I decided that I could make better use of this morning time. I pumped Andrew up by telling him we were going to do something fun and it would be just him and me. Amidst his excitement, I gathered up magazines, large index cards, tape, glue, scissors and crayons. I was so excited to

start our project...I almost felt like a preschool teacher! I explained to Andrew that we were going to make his very own ABC book, which he was quite thrilled about. I wrote the letter, then he wrote the letter
and then we added pictures that started with that letter. What started out as a fun activity, lasted about 10 minutes, and gave us an ABC book and just that...no D-Z to this book! Andrew became bored and decided he'd rather watch his new DVD about firemen and policemen. While the activity didn't quite turn out as I had hoped, I must say it was fun and I was so proud to see Andrew writing his letters!

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