Friday, January 28, 2011


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Monday, January 24, 2011

under the pillow???

on the eve of andrew's dentist appointment to have the first 2 of 6 cavities filled, i'm pondering what the "tooth monster" might leave under andrew's pillow tonight....

thoughts running through my mind are....
*a rotted tooth
*a penny (explaining that he'll only get the big bucks when visited by the "tooth fairy")
*a bag of rotted candy
*toothpaste, floss, mouthwash....any basic oral hygiene essentials

any thoughts????


no one gets long as i get what i want


*while driving in car
jacob: mommy look that truck
me: yes i see it
j: what kind truck is it?
me: a pick up truck
j: why?
me: because it picks up stuff
j: why?
me: because it needs to carry stuff to other places
j: why?
me: because
j: well, why mommy?
me: hmmm. i don't know. why do you think jacob???

*at home
j: i go poop mommy
me: you need to go poop?
j: yes i go in my crib later
me: why don't you go sit on the toilet and go poop now?
j: no! i go in crib later
me: if you go on the toilet you can have a pez *(yes, bribery at its best!)
j: no! i have poop in crib and then get pez
me: no jacob it doesn't work like that. you get the pez when you go on the toilet.
j: fine! then i no go poop at all mommy!!!!

me: ok jacob let's go upstairs. it's time to take a nap.
j: why?
me: because it's rest time
j: why?
me: because it's rest time
j: but why? it's daytime outside
me: yes. you're right.
j: why i have go sleep. it not night time outside
me: jacob it's time to take a nap.
j: well.......why?
me: because i said so jacob!!! (ps...i SWORE i would never use this line!!!)
j: (YELLING)...fine then. (pause) but it not night time mommy!

*Please note...I love my kids dearly and write entries like this to remind me of just that!

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