Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today's posting is in "green" as a way to show thanks to Nanny for spending such a fun day with us. (Nanny's favorite color is green)

We met at Burke Lake Park around 11 this morning and did not get home until about 4pm...and boy, was I pooped! When we first arrived at the park, Andrew said he did not want to ride the train...which was one of reasons we went to this park in the first place. This didn't surprise me though, since Andrew tends to take a little while to warm up to most activities. So, we headed to one of the playgrounds, right near the train. Despite being slightly intimidated by the bigger kids running the playground, Andrew had fun...Jacob enjoyed a nice nap in the's rough!

After seeing the other kids riding the train, Andrew decided he was ready for a turn. So, we all boarded the train and took a nice ride through the park.

After the train ride, it was time for some mini golf for Andrew and me! It was really nice to be able to play a game with Andrew, just the two of us. It's amazing, how once we were spending this quality time together, I realized how focused I've been on Jacob over the past 12 days. Of course, it's to be expected, but I hadn't really realized it, until that moment. Thanks so much to Nanny for watching Jacob, so Andrew and I could have this special time was much needed for both of us! As you would guess, Jacob continued his nap during this time. A funny quote from Andrew while playing golf..."Mom, I'm a real golfer now!"...not sure what he was before...a fake golfer???

Not only was it almost 100 degrees outside and blazing HOT, but to make the game even more fun, we were stuck behind a line of other players. So, we took water breaks in between holes, took silly pictures, and even sat down to wait at some holes.

Andrew and Nanny hit the train one more time, so I could feed Jacob. Yes, this was the ONLY time he was awake during this adventure! And what better way to end a fun day, then to head to Friendly's for lunch and ICE CREAM...


staci said...

Andrew looks like such a real golfer! ;)
What a great park with that train ride. It's so great seeing all those smiles and good times. I can't believe Jacob's been on so many adventures already, at 12 days old!!
Have fun.

jodi said...

Wow! Looks like a full day of fun. And, that isn't the hat I sent Jacob is it? The one I sent was MUCH smaller ;)

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