Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween 2.0...the real deal!

what a riot is all i can say! it was SO much fun watching andrew run from house to house trick or treating. and he was literally keep up with the niehgbors we were with...they're all over the age of 7! after a few houses, he mastered the art of screaming "trick or treat" when the door opened and we think we heard a "thank you" at about half of the houses ;) he definitely made out in the candy department...we even had to empty his bucket into the stroller basket, so he could fill up again! when we got home, derek dumped it all into a big ikea bag and we combed through it. kit kats must have on clearance this year, because we had a ton of them! some interesting things we found in the bag...trail mix, fruit snacks, a bag of dinner mints and the funniest of all...a two pack of colored mints (the ones that look like m&m's) in a wrapper that said "thank you"...definitely straight out of a chinese restaurant!


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