Thursday, December 4, 2008

cool mom?!?!

so, andrew now thinks i'm "cool", but i must say, that i've gained this title after a not-so-cool experience! on our way home from school wednesday, jacob fell asleep in the car and andrew was fading in an effort to have a few moments with 2 quiet kids, i decided to drive around and let them sleep. afterall, gas is only $1.77 these days! i had circled the neighborhood twice and andrew was almost asleep. i made my way out of the neighborhood and down the street. i was definitely distracted, as i kept glancing in my rear view mirror to see if both kids were sleeping. as i glanced back to the road, i saw a policeman step out into traffic, blow his whistle and wave me over. somehow, i managed to keep the "shit!" scream to a quiet whisper...more in an effort to not wake the kids, than anything else! i had been pulled over for speeding in a school zone!!! i'm thinking, "man this really sucks!" ...not only did i get a ticket, but both my kids are now awake! andrew, however, thought it was really cool that mommy was talking to a "nice policeman with a motorcycle." later in the day, we passed this same spot on our way to a friend's house and our conversation went something like this...

andrew: "mommy, that's where the nice policeman stopped you today."
me: "sure did. was mommy going too fast and she got a ticket?"
andrew: "i don't think so mommy. you didn't get a speeding ticket, did you?"
me: "yes, honey. i did get a speeding ticket."
andrew: "you did? cool! did the policeman write i love amy on the ticket?"
me: "no."
andrew: "well, the next day when you get a speeding ticket i'm going to tell that my policeman friends love amy. they should write that on the ticket."
me: "ok. whatever you say!" be a kid again! no worries and it's "cool" to be stopped by a policeman!


jodi said...

Oh no! That sucks. Man, Amelia NEVER falls asleep in the car anymore. The other night we were at a bonfire and we made the 45 minute drive home in the DARK at 10 pm and she just chatted the entire way!

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