Monday, December 15, 2008

mute or pause button anyone?

anyone find the mute or pause button for their children yet? if i could make this, i would have done it today!!! picture this scene...5:30pm...i'm exhausted and worn out from the day (i mean, c'mon, what mom isn't worn out by 5pm?!?! if you're reading this and don't feel the same as i...then stop reading now) anyway...5:30pm...andrew, the rambunctious 4 year old is running around the house on autopilot, having fun and choosing to ignore the fact that his voice has an "inside" level, even though i remind him several the same time, jacob is in the exersaucer screaming in his high pitched terradactyl voice, which i at least have to acknowledge that he does not yet know that he has an "inside" level.
2 crazy boys + way too loud inside the house = mom looking for remote control


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