Sunday, January 4, 2009

iLost i know if i'm going to be blogging right now, it should be about our trip to st that post is WAY overdue. but...i'm too tired to do all's 9:25pm and i promised myself i'd be in bed by 10 tonight. i had to post tonight though to let you know that i am lost! today, while shopping at target i realized i didn't have my iphone...i figured i left it in the car, but when i returned to the car and it wasn't there...i quickly became sick to my stomach. i came home and searched...called it...texted, etc! NO PHONE!!!

i have decided the following must have a rush to run my errands, i did not place the phone in my purse, but rather just held it. i placed it on my lap in the car. when i got to target, i forgot it was on my lap and it fell out of my lap when i got out of the car. someone picked it up and is now trying to sell it as "new" on craigslist!

i have no idea whether or not this is actually what happened, but it makes me feel better to have a story!
so...i am phoneless!

btw...derek just searched posts on craigslist and is now heading to target...yes, it's after 9pm and they're closed...but hey, maybe he'll get lucky and find it in the parking lot!


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