Friday, January 16, 2009

nothing to show for it

despite the cloudy, somewhat chilly weather, we are having a great time here in florida with nanny & papa. i'm not complaining about the "cold" temps though, considering it's still a good 50 degrees warmer than it is in va and we aren't wearing our winter gear! today we went to Sugar Sand Science Explorium & Playground...VERY COOL place! jacob slept in the stroller through a good portion of it, which meant andrew & i were able to spend some much needed time together...just the two of us! as cool as it was, you KNOW i took lots of pictures (as did my mom)...however, i don't have the cord to download the pics, so you'll have to wait!
derek is coming here tomorrow...and hopefully he'll bring some sun with him on the plane! i think it might be 70 tomorrow, which would be great :) i'm hoping we at least get to spend an hour or so at the beach or pool while we're here.


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