Thursday, February 26, 2009

tall order

since i originally started this blog as a way of keeping friends and family in the loop about our family, i figured maybe i should take a break from posts about saving money and actually give you an idea of what's been going on around here...

this morning when i went to get jacob out of his crib, he was standing up holding on to the rails. guess it's time to move the mattress down another notch! it was crazy too see him looking so big and tall in his crib!

other news to note...
*jacob is crawling all over the place (which means andrew is learning how to "share" his toys!)
*andrew is very curious about words/letters and is trying to read :) WOW!!!
*at their most recent doc appt. J weighed 20lbs and A weighed 38lbs

we are definitely ready for spring to roll around so we can spend more time outside! stay tuned for posts about my recent shopping (SAVING!) trips to walgreens and shoppers...


jodi said...

we want pictures!!

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