Tuesday, January 20, 2009

gettin jiggy with obama

i have tried several times today to explain to andrew the significance of today and what a historic day it is. i think my friend summed it up great in 4 year old terms, when she explained it to her son (a classmate of andrew's)..."we have a new line leader!" andrew was watching the obamas as they took the stage for their first dance at the neighborhood ball and he began saying "c'mon barack, shake your booty!" i suppose he wanted our new leader to dance a bit faster...or maybe start up the electric slide!


Rebecca said...

What a great way to describe it! So cute, hearing that little voice say "booty" :).

Chris said...

Wow! I am sure I never used this term at that age, but yes as they say today's kids are one step ahead of what we were at their age!

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