Saturday, September 12, 2009

dress down

derek and i learned a good lesson in parenting yesterday...ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S OUTFIT WHEN THEY DRESS THEMSELVES!!!

yesterday afternoon i mentioned to andrew that his shorts looked really small. he said they fit fine and wouldn't let me check the tag. i didn't think anything of it, because i know he has some shorts in his drawer that shouldn't be there anymore...they are maybe a little a size 3T. i figured it was one of those!

last night, i was tickling andrew and decided to peek at the tag of his shorts. after almost peeing my pants from laughter, i was able to tell derek what was so funny!


when i asked him how he fit into them he said "i just pulled hard." DUH...MOM AND DAD!

we were roaring with laughter and will now be checking andrew's attire every day...especially before he leaves the house for school next week :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

livin' by the rules

i have been pretty bad about keeping everyone posted about our family adventures, etc. i have found more of a struggle finding time to blog, since going back to work. more i am!

many of you have been asking about how things are going with andrew's play therapy. i have to say, that unfortunately, we have not seen the results we would have hoped for by now. we recently met with the therapist, who explained to us that so far, she has been getting andrew comfortable with the play room and earning his trust. after having time to think about this (and other things she mentioned to us), i decided it was time to step in and kick it up a notch. after explaining our concerns regarding the lack of progress as well as information/resources NOT being shared with us to make changes at home, i told her that i would like an update after each session to feel more connected with what is happening. after andrew's session yesterday, she said in passing, that "it was very good...good stuff today." unfortunately, i missed her call today, so i'm not sure what the "good stuff" was...but apparently is was good, because she referred to it as a "breakthrough" in her voicemail!!! we shall see...

in the meantime, i've picked up my favorite book again, "raising your spirited child." one thing i've learned about my "spirited child" is that he will thrive on a concrete set of rules and boundaries (let's hope this is true!). so tonight, derek, andrew and i will be sitting down to review our family rules, the consequences of not following them and the rewards of livin' by the rules. i'll keep you posted on this and DEFINITELY welcome any suggestions anyone has on this subject!!!
THANKS again for your constant love and support!!!

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